Immortalize  a loved one's life with a magnolia tree!


A Man's Flower!


  • You plant it ONCE!!
  • If you step on it, it won't die.
  • No weeding! 
  • Beautiful year after year.
  • Any true Southern man would be honored to receive a magnolia tree.

Magnolia Trees...


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Magnolia Trees

Blazing with Color

I have a confession.

I have a black thumb. Every plant I try to grow, dies. But a tree, now there's a plant I can't kill. Once successfully planted, all I have to do is give it room and leave it alone! 

I like that...a lot!!

Even 1 year seedling will sometimes flower their first year!

 A mature magnolia in full bloom is a breathtaking sight. 

make beautiful memories...

​​Special Showing!!


Our trees arrive bare root to cut down on shipping. Take them out of the box to breathe, as soon as possible. Plant within a week.

We ship our trees 3 day priority US Mail. Please remember that, although the Post Offices are closed on the weekends, cross country shipping is 7 days a week. Thank you, to all of the people out there making it possible.

Jane Magnolia Tree

The White Magnolia Tree

The year when I was twenty-one

(John that year was twenty-three)

That was the year, that was the spring, 

We planted the white magnolia tree.

"This tree," said John, "shall grow with us, 

and every year it will bloom anew.

This is our life. This is our love."

And the white magnolia grew and grew...


Dear Heaven, I give thanks to thee

for the things I did not know before, 

for the wisdom of maturity,

for bread and a roof, and for

one thing more...

Thanks because I still can see

the bloom on the white magnolia tree!

By Helen Deutsch